Application for Parallel Testing (APT)

Application for Parallel Testing (APT)

Eccox Application for Parallel Testing (APT) removes one of the biggest DevOps speed humps to mainframe software dev on z/OS – integration testing and user acceptance testing.

Eccox APT allows mainframe testing to occur in parallel, smaller tests at a higher frequency than traditional waterfall testing.

With APT, users can create, execute, update, and reuse past test cases, creating a template for future needs and turning your resource-intensive testing efforts into valuable reusable assets with automation.



  • Clone real components necessary for functional tests like load modules, DB2 tables, files, and JCL in the mainframe environment.
  • Automate DB2, VSAM, Sequential bases (CICS and IMS/DC) without the need for support and support teams.
  • Enable AI capabilities in each mainframe container, allowing the automated collection of isolated elements for multiple test scenarios without conflicts.

  • Reduce critical computing resources including processing power and disk space.
  • No need for any program or source code changes.
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  • 25% faster time to market
  • 80% increase in efficiency by running simultaneous functional tests with accuracy and integrity
  • 50% reduction in software lead time
  • 22x the agility in test cycles planning, provisioning, and execution processing of environments with automated data management
  • No additional infrastructure changes or acquisition of new licenses for basic software required

Main Features

  • Eccox APT for zDevOps
  • Eccox APT Containerization for CICS
  • Eccox APT Containerization for IMS
  • Eccox APT Containerization for MQ
  • Eccox APT Discovery for SCLM

  • Eccox APT Discovery for Libraries (PDS/PDSE)

  • Eccox APT Discovery for Online Services (CICS/IMS)

  • Eccox APT Discovery for Data Management (DB2 for z/OS)

  • Eccox APT Discovery for JCL (Batch Impact Analysis of Jobs, Procedures and INCLUDES)

  • Eccox APT Feature for IBM Debug tool for z/OS

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Use Cases

Read our APT use case to learn more about how Eccox helped one of the largest banks in South America earn a 2016 banking industry award in an application testing category by reducing the number of test cycles necessary by 58%, reducing software development lifecycle timelines by 23%, and reducing product defects by 22%.