Faster Time to Market. Higher Quality Development. Eccox Automation Software.

Enable continuous testing in mainframe environments to reach quality goals at a faster rate with lower costs. With Eccox solutions, reduce human error, improve quality, and increase output and productivity using our automation software developed by mainframers for mainframers.

Mainframe Test Environment Management

Mirror agile application testing cycles on the mainframe at the same fast pace as distributed environment delivery cycles while ensuring mainframe integrity and processes are preserved.

Mainframe Test Data Management

Automate test data environment provisioning with easy maintenance and an automated anonymization process to protect sensitive customer information in the test environment.

Mainframe Continuous Testing

Generate rich data and environments on demand with a deployment and orchestration platform for containerized applications on z/OS native software.

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Eccox APT in Action

APT gives users the ability to implement integration testing and user acceptance testing on the mainframe. The result? Faster development cycles, better performing applications, and fewer unforeseen defects when you release your applications to production. See it for yourself and take our products for a test drive today!