Eccox, a Brazilian company that develops solutions on the z/OS platform, announces its alliance with the digital transformation company CANVIA, which will represent it in Peru. This partnership will start with the Eccox Application Environment Management solution for Parallel Testing: Eccox APT.

“This is another important step in the Eccox software internationalization process. We are bringing our experience, innovation and quality of our solutions so that CANVIA can integrate a unique and exclusive wordclass solution to its portfolio.”, said Mauricio Costa, CEO of Eccox, about the partnership.

After several months of work, the agreement signed in August 2021 points to a more dedicated synergy to serve local customers.

“We are certain that this new Eccox / CANVIA alliance will be very valuable to support the efficiency processes of the development and approval areas of our customers in Peru, significantly improving their “time to market”, increasing the availability of their services and, by in the end, transforming its costs into capital.”, highlighted Milagros Bergelund, CANVIA’s Finance Account Manager.

About the product Eccox APT:

The first solution in Peru is the Eccox APT, which can automatically contain components (programs and databases) of a service, transaction, + Job. This allows many test cases to run simultaneously without the need for duplicate LPARs, making CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) happen in practice on the mainframe platform. Each user creates their own container to run their tests independently, securely, without conflicts, and with great agility.

Consider running unlimited concurrent tests without waiting for an LPAR to prepare and without interference from other runs. This reduces downtime for the test team while improving the quality and agility of those tests, allowing better-tested products to be delivered in less time.


With 36 years in a highly competitive market, CANVIA has positioned itself as the leading company in Digital Transformation services in Peru, thanks to its comprehensive offer in this type of solution. In addition, it is part of the Advent International portfolio, one of the largest Private Equity companies in the world.


Eccox, a Brazilian company with over 29 years of experience in IT, developer of disruptive, innovative, and World-Class solutions. Eccox is already in the United States and now starts operations in Latin America with Canvia, continuing its growth and internationalization plan.